Focus on people, transparency, trust and commitment to the environment and the region: Deval distributes electricity and more...

Deval is the main electricity distributor in Valle d’Aosta, offering its services to over 130,000 consumers in 69 of the 74 municipalities in Valle d’Aosta and using more than 4000 km of medium- and low-voltage power lines. The high quality of its service, guaranteed by a well-organised 24/7 on-call system, is also the result of the continuous technological upgrading activities it performs on both distribution lines and metering units. In fact, electronic meters are in place for over 95% of supply contracts meaning that these can be remotely managed in full, readings and contractual changes included.

57 km

high-voltage lines [50 KV and 132 KV]

1488 km

medium-voltage lines [15 KV]

2610 km

low-voltage lines [400 V / 230 V]



HV/MV primary substations and MV/MV Satellite Centres


MV/LV secondary substations and MV/LV pole-mounted transformers

over 130,000

meters managed

Last update: Jun 15, 2022 11:24:12 (GMT+2)