Wind farms

Wind is an indispensable source for the production of renewable, clean and inexhaustible energy: wind power. Wind farms produce neither greenhouse gases nor waste when generating energy. There are different types of wind farms:

  • Onshore wind farms, located on land in highly windy areas; 
  • Offshore wind farms are located at sea, where noise and visual pollution is reduced: away from the coast, wind speeds are higher and more stable and this enables offshore wind farms to generate more energy from the same number of installed units.

The CVA Group is active in the area of wind power generation, in accordance with its strategic decision to focus also on wind and expand its investments in the RES (Renewable Energy Sources) sector. Thanks also to the contribution of its subsidiaries, on average CVA produces around 320 million kWh of wind power in Italy every year. How? Through 8 wind farms located across the country: in Valle d’Aosta, Tuscany, Lazio, Campania and Puglia.

This video shows how the 2.55 MW CVA wind farm in Saint Denis was constructed. Consisting of three wind turbines, this small wind farm produces an average of 4,000 MWh each year. That is the equivalent of the average electricity consumption of more than 1,500 households, resulting in savings of over 1,800 tonnes of CO2 a year. The first phase of the construction work consists of excavation, preparation of the necessary reinforcements for the creation of the foundations and connection with the distribution network. The next stage involves the transportation and assembly of the components that make up each tower. As these components are very large, transportation is also a delicate operation that requires specific training. Once the tower is erected, the nacelle and rotor are assembled. Finally, the necessary national power grid connections for the commissioning of the wind farm are made. Find out more about our hydroelectric and photovoltaic plants too.


Last update: Jun 16, 2022 08:52:46 (GMT+2)