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CVA (Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque – Compagnie Valdôtaine des Eaux S.p.a.) is a sole shareholder Company, a Group, based in the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta in north-western Italy.


The development of Valle d’Aosta hydroelectric power starts in the early twentieth century to support the industrial development of the Region. Even if CVA history starts only hundred years later, it can be said that the Company is the custodian of  a unique industrial heritage. CVA born officially in 1995, when the Government of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta acquired the first three hydroelectric plants from Ilva Centrali elettriche. With the privatization and liberalization of the Italian energy market in 2001, CVA acquires all the hydro plants of the Region and, starting from 2009, the Group expanded its operations into solar and wind power production too.


Based in Valle d’Aosta Region, the Group has production plants throughout Italy.


The corporate objects of CVA Group include, inter alia:

  • the production of electricity and related activities and services, including management of plants and concessions and related services, import and export, distribution and sale;
  • district heating and telecommunications in connection with the local territory and urban areas and related services.

In connection with previous points:

  • design, construction, maintenance and management of electricity production plants, the production and sale of equipment;
  • research, consultancy and assistance activities;
  • acquisition, sale, marketing and trading of goods and services.


The Group’s activities are currently organised as follows:

  • CVA and its subsidiaries Valdigne Energie S.r.l. (“Valdigne”) and CVA Eos S.r.l. a s.u. (“CVA Eos”) operate in the production of electricity from renewable sources through a total of 44 plants (32 hydroelctric, 8 wind farms and 4 photovoltaic solar plants);
  • CVA also provides, as general contractor, services related to renovation of buildings with the objective of increasing energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions;
  • CVA Energie s.r.l. (“CVA Energie”) supplies electricity to end customers, both business and retail, on the free and in the regulated market;
  • Deval S.p.A. (“Deval”) is active in the distribution of electricity through a network covering 68 municipalities in the Valle d’Aosta region.


In addition, the CVA Groups holds minority investments in the following companies which primarily provide district heating services:

  • a 10.98% stake in Téléchauffage S.r.l. (“Telcha”);
  • a 13.70% stake in Le Brasier S.r.l. (“Le Brasier”).

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