Photovoltaic plants

The sun has always been regarded as an indispensable source of life and energy for humans and nature, enabling the production of sustainable renewable energy for communities and the surrounding environment.

Along with water and wind, CVA is increasingly active in the renewables sector thanks to this element. In fact, the Group has long been committed to strengthening its presence in the solar PV energy production sector, underlining its objective of investing 100% in green energy. Photovoltaics remains one of the most attractive energy resources, offering wide scope for development while guaranteeing efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Every year, the CVA Group produces solar energy through 3 ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, with 54,000 PV modules located in the regions of Valle d’Aosta and Piedmont.

To date, the plants at Alessandria Sud, Valenza Fornace and La Tour are capable of producing enough energy to meet the needs of more than 5,000 households. Total annual production comes to around 16 million kWh of photovoltaic energy. The fourth plant is located on the roof of the Company Headquarters and is composed by 216 solar panels, to provide a total power of 0.046 MW.

The video on the Alessandria Sud plant shows the different stages of developing a ground-mounted photovoltaic system. First, the load-bearing screws are arranged and carefully fixed in the soil using a laser instrument which ensures that the same heights and distances between one structure and the next are maintained.The steel support structures are then assembled and the solar PV panels carefully mounted on top. The final step is the wiring, which enables the power to reach the substations. The power is converted by inverters, transforming from direct current to alternating current, and later elevated to medium voltage before being fed finally into the distribution grid.

Last update: Jun 16, 2022 11:10:01 (GMT+2)