The CVA Group represents a successful challenge for the economy of the Valle d’Aosta Region. We are an efficient production organization with great potential for development while offering job and growth opportunities to the entire regional territory. With clean renewable energy sources playing an increasingly central role in a market, through the Compagnia Valdostana delle Acque the Region can count on a solid, well-structured, profitably managed corporate group that is particularly sensitive to ethical, environmental and social values.

Each company in the Group operates in the electricity sector with its own mission and specific objectives, capable of generating business opportunities, while respecting shared values: sustainability, innovation, and safety.

The CVA Group produces about three billion kWh per year of clean energy: 2.9 billion kWh of hydropower, 320 million kWh of wind power and 17 million kWh of photovoltaic power. The average energy produced in a year can supply more than one million households.

CVA Energie is the Group company that supplies customers in the Free Market and the Greater Protection Market under the Enerbaltea brand. The Group operates through four subsidiaries and two associates, active in four vertical areas throughout the energy chain: production, sales, distribution and, to a lesser extent, district heating.

CVA S.p.A.

CVA S.p.A. is the owner of 30 hydroelectric power plants located in the Aosta Valley and with its dams, artificial reservoirs and power canals – widespread throughout the region, ranks among the top Italian territories for its renewable energy production.

CVA Energie S.r.l.

The Group offers energy sales services through CVA Energie S.r.l., a wholly owned subsidiary of CVA, which has been operating as a wholesaler in the Italian electricity market since October 2002, selling electricity to end customers distributed throughout the country in both retail and commercial sectors, in the Free Market and in the Higher Protection Market through the Enerbaltea brand.

Deval S.p.A.

A wholly owned subsidiary of CVA, it is the main electricity distributor in Aosta Valley and offers its service to about 130,000 consumers located in 69 (out of 74) municipalities of the region. This large network consists of more than 4,100 km of high, medium and low voltage power lines and nearly 1,700 transformer substations.

Valdigne Energie

It deals with run-of-river hydroelectric generation, 75% controlled by CVA and 25% owned by the municipality of Pré-Saint-Didier. It is the company established in 2005 with the municipalities of Pré-Saint-Didier, La Thuile and Courmayeur with which the CVA Group has built and operates 2 hydroelectric power plants located along the Dora di La Thuile.

Registered Office
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 14
11100 Pré-Saint-Didier (AO)

Administrative Headquarters
Via Stazione, 31
11024 Châtillon (AO)
Tel: +390166823111
Fax: 0166 82 3105
Certified e-mail :

CVA Eos S.r.l.

As a result of the merger by incorporation of the Monteverde Wind Farm Company into the CVA Vento Company and the conferment of CVA other RES under the new name, CVA Eos brings together all the photovotaic plants and wind farms of the Group. In addition, CVA Eos is active in the development of photovoltaic and wind power plants throughout the country.

Registered Office
Via Stazione, 31
11024 Châtillon (AO)
Tel. +390166823111
Fax 0166 82 3105
Certified e-mail:

Le Brasier S.r.l.

Le Brasier s.r.l., established in 1997, operates the district heating plant located in Morgex, consisting of 3 biomass boilers, with a capacity equal to 9.2 MW, meets the heating needs of 220 units, for a served population of about 4,000 people.

Registered Office
Piazza Principe Tomaso, 6
11017 Morgex (AO)
Tel: 0165-809996



Téléchauffage Aoste S.r.l.

The CVA Group holds a 10.98 percent stake in Telcha s.r.l., a company established in 2007 and controlled by GDF Suez. Telcha manages the district heating project for the city of Aosta, a strategic choice for reducing heating energy and its polluting emissions, using state-of-the-art technologies.

Company profile

The CVA Group is an important player in the Italian and European scene of companies that produce energy using water, sun, and wind.

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