We generate electricity from the waters of the Valle d’Aosta so its people can design, construct, live.

CVA Energie S.r.l., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVA, is the CVA Group company that has been operating as a wholesaler on the Italian electricity market since October 2002, selling electricity to end customers all over Italy.

This energy partly produced by parent company CVA, and partly acquired on domestic and international electricity markets. It is offered to end customers at the best possible prices.At the end of 2018 CVA Energie had more than 87,380 total redelivery points, over 38,600 of which consisting of domestic users and self-employed professionals, while business customers came to over 1480, represented by companies operating throughout Italy, mainly in the banking and major retail sectors. The average energy requirement comes to around 4880 GWh.

In Val d'Aosta, CVA Energie has branches open to the public in Aosta, Châtillon, Morgex, and Pont-Saint-Martin. Since January 2014 CVA Energie has also been the official local operator for the Valle d'Aosta region for the Regulated Market service under the brand name Enerbaltea.

~ 54,000


~ 90,000

POD provided

3,000 GWh

Supplied in 2022

more than 600

Group employees


Regional branches

29 seconds

Average call centre waiting time


Supervisory body
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Enrico De Girolamo

Enrico de Girolamo is an Electrical Engineer and EGE (Expert in Energy Management) certified under UNI CEI 11339:2009 by SECEM since 2015. He has had extensive experience in the design and management/administration of companies committed to energy efficiency and energy production services. Currently, as well as general manager of C.V.A. S.p.A., he is the Chairman and CEO of CVA Energie S.r.l, sole director of CVA Smart Energy S.r.l., CVA Eos S.r.l. and Valdigne Energie S.r.l. He is also the Chairman of the Energy Category of Confindustria Valle d'Aosta and a Member of the Board of Directors of Elettricità Futura.

Funzione Trading
Stefano Danna

Stefano Danna è Responsabile della Funzione Trading Presso CVA Energie controllata da CVA S.p.A. Stefano Danna is Head of the Trading Function at CVA Energie, a subsidiary of CVA S.p.A. His in-depth experience of the evolution of electricity market management goes back to the founding of the company in 2001, spanning from transmission to the founding and evolution of IPEX and dispatching, as well as the futures markets and the management of the main foreign markets at the Italian border. He supplements his nearly two decades of experience in the sector with a strong understanding of CIP6, Green Certificates, Guarantees of Origin, Incentives, etc., as well as in-depth knowledge of the connections between energy flow management processes and various business functions such as Administration, Plant Operations, Engineering and Sales.

Credit Management Function
Elena Cosa

Elena Cosa graduated in Economics from the Faculty of Turin in 2002, majoring in Administration, Finance and Control, with a research thesis on the correlations between income statement indicators and the solvency of companies. She has been with the CVA Group since 2003, where she has acquired extensive experience in credit management. She has been in charge of the Credit Management Function since 2016.

Sales Area
a.i. Enrico De Girolamo
Business Customer Function
ad interim De Girolamo Enrico

Free Retail Customer Office
ad interim De Girolamo Enrico
Regulated Market Function
Donata Favre

Donata Favre has been in charge of the Greater Protection Service since 1 January 2019 and has many years of experience in the electricity sector, working initially in the administrative area before moving to the sales area later on.

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