Hydroelectric plants

Hydroelectric power plants are a key resource for Italy: located throughout the country, they are able to transform the energy generated by water into renewable electricity, contributing to the stability of the national power grid. The CVA Group has 32 hydroelectric plants of various types (30 belonging to CVA and 2 to Valdigne Energie). CVA’s plant portfolio has a total rated capacity of 934.5 MW and produces around 2.9 billion kWh of zero-emission clean energy a year. Most of these hydroelectric power plants are run-of-river power plants. The turbines of the 18 run-of-river plants receive water through an elevation drop and transform it into electricity.

The 9 reservoir hydroelectric plants, on the other hand, operate by means of a reservoir located upstream and a stilling basin located downstream, connected by channels, along which water is conveyed and then fed back into the river after generating renewable electricity. There are a total of 5 reservoir power plants. This type of hydroelectric plant takes advantage of the creation of a large-capacity reservoir through the construction of artificial dams.

All these types of hydroelectric power plants are found extensively in the lateral valleys and central area of the region. In addition to making a valuable contribution to the production of hydroelectric energy in Italy, for the local communities these installations are an integral facet of the natural landscape and resources of the region, an authentic part of the “mountain culture.” This open-air heritage is a reminder of the intense work that went into the economic development of the Aosta Valley in the 20th century.

The power plants and dams are public assets, a legacy that belongs to all the people of the Aosta Valley, and have special environmental and cultural value.

Anyone who wants to see how a hydroelectric power plant works with their own eyes can visit the CVA power plants and dams as part of a pleasant organised walk or bicycle ride: learn about the CVA “Energy Tours” and find out which of our power plants you can visit.

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Last update: Feb 26, 2024 09:01:15 (GMT+2)