Establishment of the CVA Smart Energy company

With a notarial deed dated February 7, 2023, the company CVA SMART ENERGY S.r.l. was established, with registered office in Châtillon, Via Stazione n. 31 and share capital of Euro 10,000,000.00 100% held by C.V.A. S.p.A. a s.u. 

The newly constituted CVA SMART ENERGY S.r.l. will be administered for the three-year period 2023-2025 by a Board of Directors composed of Dr. Giuseppe ARGIRÒ, President, Eng. Enrico DE GIROLAMO, who will be appointed Chief Executive Officer, and lawyer Andrea OSTINELLI, as Councillor; the control functions have been entrusted to the sole Mayor Dr. Federica PAESANI

CVA SMART ENERGY S.r.l. will deal, in particular, with integrated services in the field of energy efficiency, operating on the market as an ESCo (Energy Service Company) and will develop several initiatives in the field of open innovation.

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