Consolidated results as of June 30, 2022 adjustement

Today, the Board of Directors of CVA S.p.A. approved the adjustment to the Consolidated Half-Year Financial Report at 30 June 2022

The adjustment, resulting from a final review of the price of derivatives on the energy market, further demonstrates the Group's economic and financial strength.

The major adjustments are listed below:

VALUE (in millions of euros) Adjusted value Previous value
Consolidated net revenues 619,7 619,7
EBITDA 88,6 64,9
EBIT 61,4 37,8
EBITDA Adjusted 114,9 91,3
Consolidated net profit 38,2 21,2


The amended Consolidated Half-Year Financial Report on 30 June 2022 is available in the Investor Relations section.

Last update: Oct 03, 2023 13:59:23 (GMT+2)