CVA Eos S.r.l., 100% Owned By CVA S.p.A., Acquires, From Exacto S.p.A., 60% Of Renergetica S.p.A.

CVA EOS S.r.l. (“Society”), owned 100% by CVA S.p.A. (“CVA”), issuer of a bond listed on the regulated market Eurnoxet Dublin Notifies that has been completed with Exacto S.p.A (“Exacto”) the acquisition of 4.862.219 ordinary shares of the company Renergetica S.p.A. (“Renergetica”), company with securities listed on Euronext Growth Milan di Borsa Italiana, 50% of the share capital of Renergetica (“Operation”).

The closing has been completed following the fulfilment of the suspensive conditions relating to the obtaining of authorization under the golden power regulations, as well as the finalisation of the transfer by Renergetica to Exacto of foreign subsidiaries in Spain and the United States.

CVA EOS and Exacto have also signed a five-year shareholders' agreement concerning, inter alia, the rules of corporate governance and restrictions on the transfer of Renergetica shares, with the aim of ensuring stability in the government and the corporate structure.

Following this acquisition -and pursuant to Renergetica’s Articles of Association- CVA EOS is required to promote a mandatory public bid ("OPA") on the remaining ordinary shares of Renergetica (excluding No. 1.797.143 shares held by Exacto, equal to 22.18% of the share capital of Renergetica) to the value of 10.11 euro per share, equal to the amount paid by CVA EOS to Exacto for each of the ordinary shares purchased.

The takeover bid will not be aimed at delisting, as the CVA Group has represented its intention to keep the Renergetica shares listed on Euronext Growth Milan even after the outcome of the takeover bid, with a view, therefore, to launching any operations aimed at rebuilding the free float, where necessary.

Last update: Oct 24, 2023 19:14:51 (GMT+2)