Designing a sustainable future

World has six months to avert climate crisis, says energy expert. This is the title of an article that appeared in The Guardian on 18 June 2020, featuring comments by Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA – International Energy Agency, which anticipate the importance of combining the issues of energy and sustainability to safeguard the environment.
“The next three years will determine the course of the next 30 years and beyond. If we do not take action, we will surely see a rebound in greenhouse gas emissions.” Birol refers to the considerable fall in emissions, which plunged 17% in April 2020 during the global lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 emergency. As we have gradually emerged from lockdown, emissions have begun to rise again.
The hoped-for “green recovery” may enable the planet to continue to curb emissions and revitalise national economies: it is green jobs that will be able to quickly fuel our asphyxiated post-lockdown economies and drive sustainable development. We have never had a better opportunity to generate a virtuous relationship between our economies and respect for the Planet.
CVA makes its contribution from a little corner of Italy by supplying enough 100% renewable energy to meet the needs of over 1 million households across the country, and by working as a general contractor for the energy efficiency of buildings in the Aosta Valley. Energy efficiency is first in the IEA ranking of actions that can significantly drive economic development and employment while safeguarding the environment by reducing energy consumption.

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