Water, the energy of our Land

The CVA Group owns and directly manages one of the most important Italian hydroelectric portfolios, consisting of 6 large dams, 61 intakes, more than 210 km of channels, about 50 km of penstocks and 32 hydroelectric power plants. The Aosta Valley, in particular, is one of Italy’s biggest renewable energy producing regions. The hydroelectric power plants, with their dams, reservoirs and channels, are a widespread presence across the region.

The plant portfolio, with total power of 934.5 MW, produces around 2.9 billion kWh of clean hydroelectric energy every year: in 2021, CVA ranked fifth among domestic producers in the sector. The total reservoir capacity equates to half the water consumed every day in Italy.

The hydroelectric sector is able to make a significant contribution to the environment because it responds to the most stringent European recommendations on climate change, greenhouse gas reduction and the average rise in temperature in at least three important ways:

  • the balance between the supply and demand of electricity in the national transmission grid;
  • the security of the electricity system;
  • the protection of the land through hydrogeological risk reduction.

Hydroelectric energy is the only renewable energy that can be regulated as needed through the use of water storage solutions like dams and reservoirs.

Last update: Oct 03, 2023 15:21:29 (GMT+2)