Alessandria Sud (Alessandria)

The photovoltaic power plant in Alessandria Sud, among the largest in northern Italy, is characterized by its maximum capacity of 7.3 MW.

It covers an area of 15 hectares and is divided into 7 sections, each consisting of 4,540 PV modules, 1 transformer and 3 inverters. The total annual solar energy production is estimated at more than 8 million kWh: this amount can meet the needs of about 3,000 typical households.

Technically and in terms of power plant operation, the more than 31,000 polycrystalline silicon modules each have a maximum power output of 230 W. The photovoltaic panels are fixed on stainless steel and anodized aluminium structures designed specifically for large ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, articulated in parallel rows facing south. The large screws, more than 19,000 in number, were fixed in the ground using laser and GPS technology.

The Alessandria plant, a flagship of the CVA Group, joins those in the north-west at La Tour and Valenza Fornace. 

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Characteristics of the plant

Key information

Municipality: Alessandria (AL)

Commissioning: July, year 2010

Average annual production: 8,600 MWh

Owner company: C.V.A. S.p.A a s.u.

Other information

Number of panels: 31,780 modules

Peak power: 7.3 MWp

PV park area: 15 hectares of land


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