Place Moulin Dam

The Place Moulin dam, among the most important and best known in the Aosta Valley, is one of the largest reservoirs in Europe and plays a key role in hydroelectric power generation in Italy through the Valpelline power plant, located 1,000 meters below the dam.

Due to its technical characteristics, Place Moulin is a work of international significance: height, width and capacity of the weir have very high values. Also important are the outline works to increase the catchment basin, an auxiliary dam, six subsidiary intakes, and ten kilometers of canals at the necessary elevations to be able to store flows within the reservoir.

Place Moulin became part of the history of hydropower in Italy: in the 1960s, site organization and construction management enabled the main work to be completed in record time, in just five summer seasons.

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Characteristics of the plant

Key information

Municipality: Bionaz (AO)

Plant it belongs to: Valpelline

Period of construction: year 1961-1965

Testing: year 1969

Other information

Directly subtended catchment basin: 74 km2

Useful reservoir storage capacity: 93,000,000 m3

Maximum reservoir height: 1,969 m asl

Type of structure: concrete-arch gravity

Other information

Height of the weir: 155 m

Crest length: 678 m

Thickness at base: 47 m

Thickness at crest: 6.43 m


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